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Best Places in Cyprus to Invest in Real Estate

Cyprus, being an EU part since 2004, provides a secure and sustainable atmosphere for investors by providing free trade to over half a billion EU people. Furthermore, Cyprus has a sophisticated infrastructure and a diverse range of entertainment options. Aside from financial benefits, fascinating aspects such as a nice temperature, magnificent scenery, great heritage and culture, and great educational and health systems are key considerations when purchasing a property in Cyprus.

Experts buy real estate in four important cities in Southern Cyprus: Larnaca, Nicosia, Paphos, and Limassol. Where one purchases real estate Cyprus is influenced by their style of living and budget.


Larnaca may appeal to individuals who enjoy the seaside and a slower pace of life. It has a close airport, is situated on the beach, and offers far more cheap real estate than Paphos or Limassol. Despite its tiny size, Larnaca is thought to provide discounted investment prospects.


Nicosia is ideal for people looking to rent out their houses since there is consistent demand. Because Nicosia is the capital city, many Cypriots work there. Therefore long-term rental prospects here are ideal investments. However, because Nicosia is positioned interior and does not provide a direct connection to the beach, making buying decisions in Nicosia for something like a vacation house or short-term rental potential would be unwise.


Property investment in Paphos is highly advantageous for active those who travel extensively because there is an airport accessible with great transit links. Some choose Paphos to save money on living costs and commute to Limassol for business every day because property ownership and maintenance are comparatively inexpensive there. Paphos also has a more relaxed atmosphere than Limassol, with most homes offered as individual residences rather than apartments.


With a focus on Limassol, you may wish to begin your search for the ideal house there. The Limassol housing market is ideal for busy households, as the city is densely packed with great foreign universities. It contains all you require to live a pleasant life, including numerous stores, restaurants, pubs, and entertainment places.

If you want to lease out your house to renters, you’re in luck since Cyprus renting in Limassol is now extremely popular due to a scarcity of available properties. Unfortunately, residing in Limassol is so much more costly compared to other cities.

Cyprus Property Market

Cyprus’s real estate industry has always had a favorable influence on the country’s economy. The industry accounted for 38% of the nation’s yearly rate of growth and 18% of the country’s economic Gross Additional Value.

Whereas the pandemic outbreak had a significant impact on the real estate Cyprus market, there is evidence that it is slowly but steadily recovering. Cyprus is a leading hub for foreign property investors, with a dizzying array of types of properties and average prices to select from. Limassol now has the greatest proportion of the residential property market, with Nicosia ranking second with both the maximum year gain. Non-nationals are still the primary generators of Cyprus’ property market, contributing to about half of total payment transactions.

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